Monday, October 5, 2009

How do I balance saving for the future and having a life right now?

Recently I have been struggling with savings, spending, what I want vs. what I need, and basically all of the principles and methods of building wealth. I am not having a hard time with saving money…actually the amount I am saving each month is increasing, even thought I have had to make some big purchases lately. I am struggling with spending money on myself.

I found out last week about a concert this Friday that I would love to go to. I have the money to afford it in savings, it wont be that expensive….maybe $150 with the cost of food and transportation. So why have I been struggling for the past week to make the decision to spend a little on a concert I would love to see? I would have jumped at this opportunity a few years back, paid with a credit card and taken the day off work. Now, I have the money in savings and I don’t have to take the day off, just go after work….but I’m still stuck.

I’ve been thinking the idea over, and decided to get it down in words….what the heck is my problem? What am I afraid of? I am afraid it will be a waste of money…that I will hate the concert or not have a good time then I will regret spending the money on it. That fear is overriding the fear that I will regret going in the first place. So how do I make it over this hurdle?

Has spending money on yourself ever caused an internal conflict for you?

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