Thursday, October 15, 2009

Still leaking money....

I realized last month that my biggest spending leak is in food. Okay…so maybe I’ve known for a while that this was a problem, whatever, at least I’m doing something about it. Right? So instead of just idly tracking this budget and watching it as it crosses over into the red each month, I decided to try going cash only for food expenses. This actually worked, for the first few weeks….and then I realized my trips through drive thru windows went up. I guess this had an opposite effect on me, when I have cash I want to spend it.

So, now I am trying to reign in this spending with new rules…no more drive thru windows. If I have to get out of my car then there is less of a chance I will stop for fast food, and more of a chance I will run into a grocery store instead. At least that’s what I am hoping. I will still try using cash only and see how it works out.

My budget for food is still really high. I need to lower that number as well...but that will come later, one step at a time for now.

But then again, maybe I am going about this all wrong. Can I really modify my behavior by enacting rules against myself? What do you think?


  1. We are doing the cash system for groceries, too. It seemed to go real well the first few weeks, but now it seems like we're having a problem again. Good luck with your goals on spending less on groceries (how much are you trying to stay under?).

  2. Rules don't work, they're made to be broken.

    Why not try cooking from scratch, avoiding all the processed crap? You are still very young, your body will thank you when you are old.

    Try this cookbook, it's wicked good and the food is phenomenal: Dr. Phillip Tirman, Wine and Food Lovers 28 Day Diet. The meals that I'm preparing are incredible AND I'm losing weight effortlessly. Haven't felt this good in decades.

    Fast food will kill you faster.