Thursday, September 17, 2009

Online Tactics to Save you More Money (and Maybe Make some Extra Cash)

Ways to Scrounge Up Some Extra Moolah!


Cashbaq is a rebate program. Simply check this site before you make a purchase online to see if Cashbaq offers a rebate. If it does, click through the link on Cashbaq and make your purchase as normal. Easy Money!

Get $15 cashback for new registrations to NetFlix
10% cashback at 1-800-Pet-Meds
6% cashback at FTD
10% cashback at Fossil
$9 cashback for Rhapsody
4% cashback (my fav!)


Get paid to complete surveys and sign up for newsletters. I am not as familiar with this one but everything I have heard about them is positive. The best part about their search option is the ability to search for only free surveys and newsletters. You can also earn rebates by shopping at stores on thier list.

Make a purchase at PhotoStamps = $8 back
Sign up for the free trial of = $9
Sign up for the free trial of = $5
Get paid for completing Reseach Surveys (up to 2 a day)
Get approved for a Discover Gas Card = $40
Click through and complete forms for $.50 to $2.25 each


This is very similar to Cashbaq. If you sign up using the link above (or here) you can get $5 just for signing up! Before making an online purchase, just check the site to see if you can score some cash back!

8-14% cashback at
5-10% cashback at
3-5% cashback at
3-6& cashback at
7-12% cashback
3-5% cashback Macy'


(Formerly I always check this site before I shop eBay. There is almost always some cash back. (Search fop "ebay buy it now" or "ebay buy it now xbox") Look for the cash back icon and click the link that is next to it. Just like Cashbaq or Ebates, complete your order and your rebate will be paid out to your PayPal account (around 60 days later).

4% cashback at
10% cashback at Sephora (plus free shipping)
2-5% cashback at
6-10% cashback at HPDirect
3-6% cashback at


The easiest of all is Swagbucks! Simply use this search engine (powered by Google!) to do your Internet searches and you get points....awesome right!? Redeem your points through their store for free money! Click the link above (or here) to sign up!

40 Swagbucks = $25 e-giftcard to
45 Swagbucks = $5 e-giftcard to
70 Swagbucks = $5 e-giftcard to PayPal
125 Swagbucks = $10 e-giftcard to Barnes & Noble

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